Eric Bolling Net Worth 2021

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Eric Thomas Bolling was born 58 years ago in Chicago. He did his schooling in Queen of All Saints and Loyola Academy. Eric is a graduate of Economics, he was into baseball and even got drafted, but unfortunately, that did not last after he got an injury.

He married Adrienne and had one son, who passed on two years ago, termed as an opioids overdose. Eric has active accounts on social media, Twitter. With more than 200k followers on Twitter and has tweeted around 23k times. Read this to know Eric Bolling Net Worth.

Who is Eric Bolling?

He is a political commentator and a television personality from America, and he served at Fox for ten years as an anchor. His career started at the financial market as a commodities trader, and he was at the New York Mercantile Exchange (CME Group).

He was named the top trader for the month for two straight years (2005 &2006). He was even advising on strategic matters and also got a reward for “Maybach Man of the Year” held at the monthly Trader Awards.

His career ended at Fox two years ago after accusation accused of several sexual assault cases; and moved to CRTV Network. Eric has published two books; “Wake Up America” (2016) and “The Swamp: Washington’s Murky Pool of Corruption and Cronyism” and “How Trump Can Drain it (2017). It gave him the title of best seller author in New York. At this int, his started accumulating his wealth and net worth.

He became a financial analyst when working for Fox Business Network that was a new venture. He joined the investment when he resigned from Fast Money at CNBC in 2007. For many years, he was also a business hot for Happy Hour show. He has been a host for several shows at Fox News; The Glenn Beck Show, Fox & Friends, The O’Reilly Factor, and Hannity.

Eric Bolling Net Worth
Eric Bolling Net Worth

Bolling accusation for sexual advances and unprofessional statements; he allegedly sent messages via text to three of his workmates at Fox News. Suspended from duty awaiting investigation, another workmate “Caroline Heldman” also came up with accusations that Bolling had also made advances.

His lawyer was quick to respond that “There are no unsolicited communications” and that “legal remedies provided.” The was a $50 million lawsuit for harassment issued on Huffington Post done by Yashar Ali, by the end of 2017, Bolling parted ways with Fox News.

Eric Bolling Net Worth in 2021

When he was working for Fox News, rumored that his annual income was $3 million; and also earned millions of dollars at CTVT Network.

Eric Bolling is estimated to have a net worth of $25 million, and his wealth has grown from his massive involvement in the television industry.

The two books that he published are also his source of income; the hardcover estimated at $10 and paperback $12. Over the years, it has been concluded and estimated that Eric Bolling net worth has had a 90% increase over the years.

House and Cars

Eric put his Jersey house on the market for sale; he priced it at $3.2 million. He has another home bought at $2 million four years ago, and the bedrooms are four and bathrooms are also four. Eric car collection consists of luxury cars, Jaguar at the cost of $180k, Range Rover and Mercedes Benz.

Quick Information

Name: Eric Thomas Bolling

Profession: Political Commentator, a Television Personality from America and Financial analyst

Net worth: $25 million

Spouse: Adrienne Bolling

Age: 58

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