Eminem Net Worth 2021. Journey from Rags to Riches.

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Eminem is an American rapper who was born Marshall Bruce Mathers III in St Joseph, Missouri. His parents were Deborah R. Nelson, and Marshall Bruce Mathers, Jr. Eminem’s mom and dad were in a band called “Daddy Warbucks.” Eminem has English, German, Scottish, and Swiss-German ancestry. Know Eminem’s net worth right here.

Eminem Net worth ($243 million)

The American rapper’s net worth comes from several sources including, album sales, concerts, acting, music production, business deals, merchandise, and endorsements. Eminem’s net worth is approximately $243 million.

He is the best rapper in the world. Thousands of adoring fans attend his concerts. He has earned over $451 million since 1996. Approximately $265 of those earnings has been used to pay taxes and expenses. He has also earned approximately $57 million from investments.

Early Life.

The rapper had a problematic childhood and spent most of his early years being moved to and fro from Kansas City and Detroit. At the age of 12, he finally found some permanency on the Eastside of Detroit.

From 1986- 1989, Marshall attended the Lincoln High School in Warren, Michigan. But due to switching schools every few months, the young Eminem found it hard to concentrate on his studies, make friends, or stay out of mischief.


The star became a rap fan at a relatively young age. He began rapping at the age of 4. Eminem would rhyme words together, and engage with rap battles at school, to bring some joy to his otherwise painful life.

Eminem’s Net Worth
Eminem’s Net Worth

At 14, Eminem began to think of adopting rap as a career seriously. At 17, he began to make a name for himself, taking the stage name “M&M” which later changed to Eminem. Being white, Marshall was rejected by many of his fellow rappers, leading him to develop anger that can still be felt in his music.

Eminem failed the 9th grade three times in a row, and quit school. He, however, does not consider himself stupid and has been on record warning his adoring young fans not to follow the same path. After quitting school, Mathers started participating in freestyle rap battles and appearing on radio shows.


Eminem’s first album was titled “Infinite.” It sold less than one thousand copies; it set up him on his way to becoming a millionaire rapper. Soon after releasing the album, his daughter, Hailie Jade Scott, was born December 25th, 1995 to a long-time girlfriend, Kim Scott.

Slim Shady EP.

With a new mouth to feed, flat broke, and no permanent residence, Marshall began penning songs ranting about life. This helped him establish himself in the rap underground. He then released the Slim Shady EP.

Rap Olympics.

Broke and growing increasingly desperate, Eminem decided to participate in the 1997 Rap Olympics in Los Angeles, hoping to take home the $1500 cash price. He made it to the final, only to lose after a minor slip-up.

 Furious after losing the cash, Eminem didn’t even notice that some Interscope Records producers the crowd had noticed him. They also grabbed a copy of his demo.

Big Break.

Producer Dr. Dre listened to the demo, liked what he heard, and eventually tracked down the broke rapper. Eminem and Dre developed an instant rapport and recorded four songs in their first six hours working together.

Three of the songs made it to his first LP. After the album was done, Dre invited Eminem to work with him on his new album. Em helped produce seven songs and was in the album’s best song.

Marshall and Dre then set o make his second album. They named it the Marshall Mathers LP and won three Grammy Awards. It was also the first album ever to be nominated “Album of the year”. It sold more than 8 million copies in the United States alone.

Car and house details.

Eminem owns a mansion in Rochester Hils, valued at $2 million.  The estate includes tennis courts, a guest house, and parking that can hold up to 12 cars. He also owns a home in Clinton Township.

The massive mansion was built in 1996 and had 8,900 square feet of space. Eminem paid $1.5 million for it in 2000. It is his permanent place of residence.

Eminem also owns several luxury cars. One of the vehicles is a Porsche Carrera GT, valued at $448,000. He also owns a Porsche 911 GT3 RS, valued at around $184 000.

Quick information table

Name Marshall Bruce Mathers III
Age Born October 17, 1972 (48 years)
Spouse Kimberly Ann Scott
Children 3  (1 Biological, 2 Adopted)
Occupation Rapper, Producer
Net worth $250 million

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