Dr. Jeff Young Wiki-Bio: Age, Net Worth, Wife Petra Young, First Wife, Cancer Update.

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From animal health practitioner to a lung cancer patient, Dr. Jeffrey Young has had quite the transformation. We first met him on Animal Planet’s Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet with his signature long hair. However, he took it all down in preparation for chemotherapy sessions and now rocks a much cleaner look with shorter hair. So without further ado, let’s jump straight into Dr. Jeff Young’s net worth, age, married life with both his wives and cancer update.

How old is Dr. Jeff young?

The celebrity veterinarian is currently 63 years of age. He was born in the year, 1956 and celebrates his birthday every 14th of April. Moreover, if you’re into Star signs, then Young’s is Aries. With his age comes great wisdom. During his tenure with animals, the doctor successfully operated on well over 160,000 animals and trained more than 300 veterinarians.

Dr Jeff Young’s First Wife Melody Obuobisa.

While the series showcases his talents in dealing with animals in need of medical attention, it also pronounces his personal life. You’ll probably notice a young hardworking teenage girl ordering some of the staff around. Her name is Melody Obuobisa, the Practice Manager and middle child in Young’s list of three daughters. Sadly, there is nothing concrete in regards to the kids’ mother. Jeffrey decided to seal off that chapter of his life and anything to do with his first wife.

Dr Jeff is Now Married to Second Wife Dr Petra Young.

Here’s where things get a bit interesting. Dr Petra Young, Jeffrey’s second wife and originally from Slovakia came to America for work purposes. Similarly, she shares her husband’s tastes and career as a veterinary doctor.

Dr. Jeff Young Net Worth
Dr Jeff Young Net Worth

One of her first jobs as a medical officer post-graduation was at Jeff’s clinic. Consequently, she trained with the celebrity doctor who later turned affectionate. By 2014, the pair were madly in love and married in private with family and close friends. Currently, Petra is one of the most qualified veterinarians in his team.

Dr Jeff Young Lung Cancer Update.

Right around the same year, Young got married, he received some devastating news. Similarly, he had been experiencing some pain around his chest area for some time. The doctor’s diagnosed him with a type of blood cancer known as cell lymphoma.

Moreover, results from his test screening revealed that cancer had manifested into an 8-centimetre mass next to his heart. He was advised to undergo chemotherapy based on some concoctions on cyclophosphamide, doxorubicin, vincristine, and prednisone. As we speak, he is still on treatment and hopes to return for another season on his show.

Dr Jeff Young Wiki-Bio

Full name Jeffrey Dale Young
Age 63
Date of Birth April 14th, 1956
Place of Birth Indiana, USA
Profession Vet Doctor, TV star
Net worth $200,000
Wife Dr. Petra Young
Kids 3
Height 6 feet 3 inches.
Weight Undisclosed
Zodiac Sign Aries

 The vet doctor was born in Indiana to his mother, Esther Stevens but grew up with his stepfather who worked in the military. He also has a half-brother named Jay Stevens. Growing up, Jeff had always been inspired by animals. However, when he lost a pet dog as a kid, he wanted to ensure no other kid would endure such trauma. At least not while he could help it.

As a result, he went to Rantoul High School and later pursued veterinary medicine at the Colorado State University. By 1989, he had graduated and in 1990, funded and established his clinic, Planned Pethood Plus. It was proposed as a home project that would ensure the locals’ pets access to treatment.

On the other hand, Jeff’s entrance into the world of television came after a British production firm named Double Act scouted him. He had made a lecture which went viral on YouTube garnering thousands of viewers. As a result, Animal Planet offered to let him host Dr. Jeff: Rocky Mountain Vet which premiered on July 2015. The show currently has five seasons.

Dr Jeff Young Net worth: $200,000.

When you factor in his expensive medical treatment, Dr Jeff Young’s net worth rings around $200,000 as sources would have it. However, we have reason to believe that he isn’t letting us in on all his financial details.

Case in point, the doctor established the Planned Pethood International with branches in Bratislava, and Mexico. Furthermore, has also trained and empowered over 300 veterinarians all over the world. Likewise, his welfare projects and honorary speeches in colleges don’t come cheap either. Lastly, let’s not forget his work as a reality television star, which is one of the most lucrative jobs in the industry.

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