What Happened to Dr. Emily Thomas on “Dr. Pol”? Know her Husband and Kids.

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Dr. Emily Thomas came into national prominence and popularity all over the world the moment she featured the cast of a popular Nat Geo Wild TV Series, “The Incredible Dr. Pol.” Dr. Thomas is an efficient veterinary doctor and a service provider. Emily Thomas has a special kind of skill test, and she is extremely fond of horses since her very childhood. Read this to know What Happened to Dr. Emily Thomas on Dr. Pol.

According to most of the sources, Thomas, who is also an actor, shares an extremely covalent relationship with the two distinct categories of biology, flora, and fauna. Emily Thomas was born in the year 1984 on 1st of April. And she comes from a place called Warner Robins, which is located in Georgia.

As far as Emily Thomas’ educational background is concerned, Emily holds a graduation degree from her native place’s famous college, University of Georgia. She holds expertise in veterinary medicine. She earned a substantial net worth and salary from the TV Show.

Image of Dr, Emily Thomas from The Incredible Dr. Pol show
Dr, Emily Thomas from The Incredible Dr. Pol show

What Happened to Dr. Emily Thomas on Dr. Pol? Did Emily Thomas leave the show Dr. Pol??

In the year 2015, Dr. Emily Thomas joined the team of Dr. Jan-Harm Pol along with his wife and his son to serve as a service provider.

The fans have been wondering what has happened to the beloved Dr. Emily Thomas. By the looks of it, the fans do not have anything to worry about because Emily Thomas did not leave the show. It is true that Dr. Thomas did not quit the job neither has she resigned from the show. The only reason why for some time she did not feature in the show is that she was pregnant. And this led her to give birth to her third child with her husband.

Image of Dr. Emily Thomas not quit the job neither has she resigned
Dr. Emily Thomas has not quit the job neither has she resigned

There was an instance where one of the fans of the show directly questioned Dr. Thomas as to why is she not getting featured on the show. Nevertheless, the good doctor did not reply to the question on Twitter.

Nevertheless, she is currently content with what she has with her family.

Dr. Emily Thomas: Married to Longtime Boyfriend

The beloved veterinary doctor Emily is married to her longtime boyfriend Tony. By the looks of it, Tony is not extremely popular when it comes to public appearance.

Image of Dr. Emily Thomas with her husband Tony
Dr. Emily Thomas with her husband Tony

Emily met her husband Tony, who used to be her boyfriend when they were in high school. Tony never featured in any TV shows like her wife. Nevertheless, the couple has three kids.

Image of Dr. Emily Thomas with her husband Tony and with their kids
Dr. Emily Thomas with her husband Tony and with their kids

The couple welcomed their third child in the year 2018 back in February. The husband and her beloved wife have been enjoying their love for more than a decade now. The eldest child of Emily, she named her as India and the name of the second child is Oscar, and the name of her last child is Clavin Thomas. By the looks of it, Thomas is delighted with her family and her life with her family.

Facts about Dr. Emily Thomas.

  1. Dr. Thomas holds a graduate degree from the renowned University of Georgia College in the year 2010. She holds a degree in Veterinary Medicine.
  2. As far as the reports are concerned, before joining the cast and working alongside Dr. Jan-Harm Pol, Emily used to devote her time and expertise for a small, private veterinary practice in South Carolina’s Newberry. Upon her arrival on the show, Emily quickly became a fan favorite and was well-liked among the cast and crew of the show.
  3. When Emily is not a full-time veterinarian, she likes to paint. According to the sources, she is a fully-fledged and avid painter. Painting is her to go hobby that she has been investing in for a long time now. When she was young, she used to roam in the woods in her native countryside and neighborhood. She might have not her then-boyfriend who is now her husband back in those days.
  4. Dr. Thomas has spent a lot of time of her career and majored in larger animals.
  5. Emily is exceptionally dedicated, and people often label her as a miracle worker.

Dr. Emily Thomas Net Worth and Salary

The details regarding Dr. Thomas’ net worth are not completely clear. Nevertheless, some of the most reliable sources say that she has an estimated net worth of $500,000.

Image of TV Personality, Dr. Emily Thomas net worth is $500,000
TV Personality, Dr. Emily Thomas net worth is $500,000

As far as Emily Thomas’s salary is concerned, she makes a salary of $18,000 in each episode. By the looks of it, the amount is quite a considerable amount of bucks that she makes in a limited runtime of the episodes.


Dr. Emily Thomas leads a happy life with her husband and her three children. Emily has accumulated a whopping net worth of $500,000.

Age 36 years (April 1, 1984)
Net Worth $500,000
Spouse Tony
Kids India Thomas (Daughter)

Oscar Thomas (Son)

Calvin Thomas (Son)

Occupation Veterinary Doctor, Television Personality
Parents -NA-
Nationality American
Ethnicity White


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