Denzel Washington Net Worth: How Much is Actor Denzel Washington Worth?

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Born on December 28, 1954, in New York, Denzel Washington is an American actor, director, and producer. The veteran is best known for his 1989 movie “Glory” which shot him to fame. Apart from the film, Denzel Washington has played remarkable roles in movies like Cry Freedom, Malcolm X among others.

Denzel Washington was born in 1954 on December 28, in Mount Vernon, New York. Denzel Washington came from a modest b background. While his father was a priest in the church, his mother owned a beauty parlor. By the time he was 11, he had started helping his mother in her parlor, but his father wanted him to follow his path. Subsequently, this led to the divorce of the couple. Watching the phenomenal rise of the actor is interesting. From living a humble life to a net worth of more than $220 million, the increase is historic.

Who is Denzel Washington? His career Information

After schooling, Denzel Washington decided to pursue a career in Medicine and Biology, but later he showed interest in Journalism and hence transferred to Journalism faculty. Meanwhile, he fancied for theater and tried himself in many roles.

After his graduation, Denzel decided to continue his education. He was offered a seat at the American Conservatory Theater where his knowledge was made free. Meanwhile, he got an offer to start his career in acting. Denzel took the risk and dropped out of the school and chose the path of acting. Even Denzel Washington himself would not have thought of the heights that he would reach someday. Given his astounding net worth, Denzel Washington has truly lived his life to its extremes.

Work Highlight

After dropping out of the course, Denzel Washington debuted in the drama “Wilma” at the age of 23. He played the role of an 18-year-old kid. Until his role in “Carbon Copy,” Denzel Washington had to play a series of small roles in different movies and commercials. Carbon copy made him a hit. At the same time, he was invited to play a role in NBC’s medical drama St. Elsewhere. This role pushed him to come into limelight. His acting abilities drew tremendous attention, and he was in the show for the next six years.

While the show was still on, Denzel Washington didn’t leave his love for the bigger screen. According to the sources, he appeared in some films like “A Soldier’s Story,” “Power,” “Cry Freedom” and “For Queen and Country.” All his roles were highly appreciated, and he received some awards for the same, which has certainly increased his net worth.

Image of Denzel Washington Net Worth
Denzel Washington Net Worth

Apart from films, Denzel Washington wants to start preaching. In 1999, he famously stated that a part of his wants to preach and maybe he was compromising his wishes and aspirations. In 1995, he donated $2.5 million to build the new West Angeles Church.

Denzel Washington has also acted as the national spokesperson for Boys and Girls Clubs of America. Since then he has appeared in different public service announcements.

Denzel Washington’s Net Worth in 2021

Denzel Washington is an American actor, director, scriptwriter and what not. The combined net worth of the star is estimated to be around $220 Million. Apart from that, it is determined that the actor earns over $60 million every year.

House and car details

The net worth of the actor is phenomenal. Talking about the collection of cars, Denzel Washington owns a few exciting cars. As far as the reports are concerned, his cars include Range Rover (around $90,000), Aston Martin Vanquish ($300,000), Aston Martin DBS ($100,000) and Rolls Royce ($250,000).

Denzel Washington owns a magnificent house of 28,887 square foot with a Mediterranean style building design and outlook. The mansion was constructed way back in 1999, and the actor has no plans to sell anytime soon.

Quick info Table

Name Denzel Washington
Net Worth $220 million (estimated)
Profession Actor, Director, Producer
Spouse Pauletta Pearson
Age 66
Birthdate 28 December 1954

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