Deadliest Catch Cast Net worth and Salary 2021.

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Deadliest Catch is an eye-catching television docudrama that unveils the deadly risks and challenges encountered by fishing crews in the Bering Sea. The intense challenges range from deep waves, heavy crab pots that can crash anytime and extremely cold weather conditions in the sea.

The waves are the greatest threat because they pose a threat to boats capsizing. The show is narrated by Michael Gregory race Rowe (famously known as Mike Rowe), A television host and narrator in the discovery channel and also one of the cast members in the deadliest catch.

The show Deadliest Catch is one of the most popular shows in the world, with viewership in over 150 countries.

Get to know the Deadliest catch cast net worth, salary, and bio.

Deadliest Catch Sig Hansen’s Net Worth is $3.5 Million in 2021.

Sig Hansen was born in Seattle, Washington, US, on April 26, 1966. Deadliest Catch Sig Hansen is currently happily married to his wife June with three children, Nina, Mandy, and Melissa Eckstein.

Sig Hansen is living in Seattle with his family. He learned about the fishing business from his father and grandfather, who were both experts in the venture.

Sig Hansen is a regular member of the Deadliest Catch cast. He has been in the show in its every episode as a fishing vessel captain since the season premiere of the show in 2006.


As a diehard fan of the show, you may be quite curious about the net worth of Sig Hansen. Sig Hansen’s net worth is currently estimated to be 3.5$. His net worth has not only been boosted by his regular appearance on the show, but also by his other endeavors such as co-authoring the book; A sea Fairing family on deadly Alaskan waters with Mark Sundeen.

The book was released in 2010 and rose to become New York times bestseller over the years. Sig Hansen was on the 7th season of Donald Trump’s reality series, The Celebrity Apprentice in 2015, which might have earned him a pretty amount of cash. He also voiced Crabby in Cars 2. The deadliest catch show earns Sig Hansen a salary of 500,000$- 1,000,000$ per season.

Jonathan Hillstrand’s Net Worth in 2021 is $2.2 Million.

Jonathan Hill strand was born in Homer, Alaska, USA, making him currently at 57 years of age. He began fishing in his early childhood and became a full-time fisher after graduating from high school.

Over the years, Jonathan Hill strand has managed to earn himself a commendable net worth of 2.2 million dollars. A huge percentage of his net worth has been raised through his multiple appearances on the deadliest catch reality television series.

When Jonathan Hill strand is not in crab fishing, he manages some family ventures such as; Time Bandits fireworks, Time Bandit spirits and Time bandit entertainment. All these ventures have been vital in topping up his income.

The amount of income that he earns from the Deadliest catch show has not yet been unveiled to the public.

Image of Jonathan Hillstrand Net Worth
Jonathan Hillstrand Net Worth

Captain Jonathan Hill strand is married to his wife Heather Hill strand, for close to two years now. Jonathan has two children from a previous relationship but none with Heather yet. Details on whether Heather Hill strand has kids or not remains unrevealed to the public.

Edgar Hansen Net Worth in 2021 is $2 Million.

Edgar Hansen’s birth date is January 14, 1971, making him currently at 50 years of age. He was born in Seattle, Washington, the USA by Snefryd Hansen and Sverre Hansen. He is their last born.

Edgar  Hansen entered into the fishing venture when he was only 18, trained by his father and brother. Edgar Hansen and Sig Hansen joined the show, “Deadliest Catch” after they were convinced by the discovery channel to present and host the documentary.

Edgar Hansen Net Worth
Edgar-Hansen- Net-Worth

Edgar is married to his longtime love, Louise Hansen, with whom he has three kids with namely; Stephanie Hansen, Logan Hansen, and Erick Hansen. Edgar Hansen has a net worth of $2 Million as of 2021. Edgar Hansen brings in a salary of $100 thousand from the series “Deadliest Catch.”

Mike Rowe.

Mike Rowe is the narrator of “Deadliest Catch” documentary and dirty works on the discovery channel, thanks to his smooth deep voice and talent for narrating.

He has previously been a host in many television and radio shows, which have earned him his huge net worth of $35 million. Mike Rowe’s exact salary remains undercover, but it’s probably a handsome sum.

Mike Rowe Net Worth

Mike Rowe has not made a marriage decision yet, maybe for reasons best known to him. He also has no known kids. He recently dated a Hollywood star, Daniell Burgo, but they later broke up for unknown reasons.

Mike Rowe was born by Joe Rowe and Peggy Rowe on 18th March 1962, making him 59 years old this year. Mike Rowe gained his high school education in Overlea high school, college education in Essex community college and later gained a degree in communication studies from Towson Uni.

Thom Beers.

Thom Beers was born on July 1952 in Batavia, New York, United States of America, making him currently at 69 years of age. Deadliest Catch cast Thom Beers has been an executive producer of over 40 reality television documentaries, with “Deadliest Catch” being the current one. Thom Beers is a married man and a father to one son.


He exchanged vows with his longtime love, Leslie Beers, president of Amygdala music, producer of music for the original productions shows. Thom Beers net worth is estimated to be $25 million, with an annual salary of $1.5 million, brought in mainly by his production work.

Deadliest Catch Cast Keith Colburn.

Deadliest Catch star Keith Colburn was born on 10th March 1963, meaning he’s already 58 years old this year.

Keith Colbum Net Worth

Keith Colburn’s net worth is $1.5 million, earned from his carrier as a reality star and his venture in commercial fishing. Keith Colburn has been on some shows like “Dirty Jobs,” ” After the Catch” and “Deadliest Catch” which have earned him a huge sum of cash over the years.

Deadliest Catch cast Keith Colburn started working from an early age of 14 in French restaurants before he started venturing in fishing. Keith Colburn was a married man to Florence for 25 years, but unfortunately, the duo had to file for a divorce due to unveiled reasons. He is a dad to 2 kids, Sienna Colburn and Caelan Colburn.

Deadliest Catch Captain Phil Harris Net Worth, Salary.

Phil Harris was born on 19th December 1956 in Bothell, Washington DC, Unites States. He was a married man, divorced once from his wife Mary Harris in 1991 but later remarried Teresa Louse in 2003.

Phil Harris Net Worth

Unfortunately, Phil-Harris passed away in 2010, due to a heart attack that caused severe brain Hemorrhage. His death was unexpected and shocking to his fans since he was the most adventurous and lively individual on the show.

Phil Harris net worth is approximated to be at $800 thousand, an amount he earned from TV appearance and business. Phil Harris was a dad to two sons, Joshua and Jacob, who are now taking care of his coffee business since his demise. He used to bring in an annual salary of $250,000.

Josh Harris Net Worth, Salary.

Joshua Grant Harris was born on March 18, 1983, in Ohio, USA, making him currently at 38 years of age.

Image of Josh Harris Net Worth
Josh Harris Net Worth

His current net worth is $800,000 with fishing as his main source of income. He brings in an annual salary of $200,000 from his fishing venture and appearance on the reality television show, “Deadliest Catch” on the discovery channel.

Josh Harris schooled in Monroe high school, after which he joined his father Phil Harris and brother Jake Harris in the fishing vessel Cornelia Marie. He is neither a father nor a married man. Details on his love life and his future family plans remain unveiled to the public.

Jake Anderson Net Worth, Salary.

Jake Anderson from Deadliest Catch was born on  16th September 1980, which makes him currently 41 years old. He started his fishing career as a greenhorn in the Northwestern fishing vessel in 2007.

Jake Anderson’s current net worth stands at $1.8 million, which is contributed largely by his appearance on the deadliest catch. Jake’s other sources of income include being the captain of another ship and authoring his autobiography.

Jake Anderson Net Worth

Jake Anderson’s exact salary has not been exposed. Jake Anderson married Jenna on May 12, 2012. They are currently celebrating 9 years of a love-filled happy marriage. He is a dad to one kid, Aiden Benn Arthur Anderson. Jake Anderson lives in Seattle with his son and wife.

Captain Bill Wichrowski Net Worth, Salary.

Bill Rowski, the savior in the sea, thus earning the title wild has a net worth of $3 million, brought in by fishing and acting in the “Deadliest Catch” which is in its 18th season now.

Bill Wichrowski Net Worth

Bill Wichrowski has been fishing for over 23 years. He earns a salary of $300 thousand annually, which is mainly the wages he receives on the discovery channel. Captain Wild Bill Wichrowski is married to a wife, Karen Gillis. Together, they have two kids, Zack Larson, and Delia Wichrowski.

Bill Wichrowski has not revealed details about his birth date to the public. Bill Wichrowski is a graduate of Norwin high school, class of 1975. After his high school education, Bill joined the USA Navy and later on decided to join the Alaskan king crabbers.

Matt Bradley Net Worth, Salary.

Matt Bradley was born on March 05, 1972, thus currently at 49 years of age.

Matt Bradley Net Worth

Matt Bradley was introduced to fishing by his best friend in high school Edgar Hansen. He considers himself a Hansen now, due to the closeness that they share with the entire Hansen family during their fishing expeditions.

Matt has been in the “Deadliest Catch” since it’s season premiere as the deckhand in the crabbing voyage, alongside Jake Anderson. He is married to Angela shook for close to 11 years now. They share four daughters and are living very happily.

Deadliest Catch Jake Harris Net Worth, Salary.

Jake Harris from Deadliest Catch was born on October 23, 1985, in Seattle, Washington, US. He is 36 years old. Jake Harris’ net worth is currently estimated to be slightly over $100 thousand.


Deadliest Catch cast Jake Harris is one of the crew members who has chosen to live his personal life privately. Little details are known about his education and love life. All we know is that he joined fishing immediately after his high school

Deadliest Catch star Jake Harris prefers to keep his love life out of the public eyes. There’s no record on whether Jake Harris has ever dated or divorced in his life. Jake’s current relationship status is single.

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