Country Singer Kylie Rae Harris Wikipedia Bio, Net Worth, Daughter, Unknown Facts.

Originally posted on September 6, 2019 @ 7:18 am

This month has been Pretty Prone to the accident. First Kevin Hart nearly got himself paralyzed, now another famous celebrity, American country singer Kylie Rae Harris has died in a car crash today, September 5th, 2019. Here is Kaylie Rae Harris Wikipedia biography. Let’s know who she was. We will also reveal Kylie’s net worth at the time of her death.

Kylie Rae Harris Was single.

Although Kylie Rae Harris was in her early 30s she was still not married to a husband. She had been in a relationship with someone in the past from which the couple had a daughter. Country Singer Kylie Rae Harris daughter is 6 years old now.

Kylie Rae Harris Daughter.

Image of Kylie Rae Harris daughter

The country singer lost her father while she was still young and she feared she would pass away before her daughter, Corbie, reach her 20s. She even wrote a song for her daughter Corbie.

You deserve nothing less than happiness/ And so do I/ Twenty years from now/ My prayer is that somehow/ You’ll forgive all my mistakes and be proud of the choice I made/ God I hope I’m still around/ Twenty years from now”

The name of the song was “Twenty Years From Now”

Harris’ father passed away at the age of 54 of cancer.

It scared me thinking that it was totally possible I could be gone before my daughter reaches that point,” she told Billboard. “I want to meet my kid’s kids. Getting to the age your parents were when you were a child brings a whole lot of perspective.”

Country Singer Kylie Rae Harris Wikipedia Bio, Net Worth.

She was raised in Texas near Dallas. Growing up with her parents, Kylie always had something for driving.

Harris parents had an old Chevy Suburban, Which she felt embarrassing to drive, but she admits, she had a lot of memories of road trips in that car.

Talking about her career, she was a successful country singer, who definitely left a mark in the field of country singing. Some of her famous hits are.

Big Ol’ Heartache

  • Twenty Years from Now
  • Waited
  • What the Heart Wants
  • I’d Rather Be Lonely
  • Slide Over
  • Missouri
  • Don’t LLet the Walls Fall Yet
  • Sticks and Stones
  • Sly Alligator
  • Revelation
  • Run Away

From different concerts and programs, she used to receive at least $20k per show. From the album sales, different brand endorsements, Kaylie Rae Harris Net Worth was $4.5 million at the time of her death.


Kylie Rae Harris died on a tragic three-vehicle crash in Taos, New Mexico. In the accident, the third driver escaped Injury while another 16-years-old died along with Kylie.

Harris’ manager took it to Billboard Magazine and confirmed her death in a statement on Billboard Magazine.

“We are heartbroken to confirm that Kylie Rae Harris passed away in a car accident last night. We have no further details to share and ask for privacy for her family at this time. Everyone that knew Kylie knew how much she loved her family and, beyond that, how much she loved music. The best tribute to her unmatched enthusiasm for both is to spread as much love as you can today, and listen to music that fully inspires you.”

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