Chris Nunez Net Worth. Meet His Former Wife Carole-Anne Leonard.

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Chris Nunez is a famous American tattoo artist, television personality, and entrepreneur who has a Cuban descent. He has been in the tattoo business for the whole of his life, close to three decades now. Read this to know Chris Nunez’s net worth.

Chris Nunez is a family man. His wiki-bio indicates that he was married to Carole-Anne Leonard. Let’s find out more about their married life as we dig deeper to know who Carole is.

Who is Chris Nunez? His Career Information.

Chris Nunez is an established tattoo artist in America who owns the Florida based Handcrafted Tattoo And Art Gallery. He is presently 46 years old since he was born on 11th April 1973. Chris Nunez grew up in Miami, Florida whereby, he began showing interest in tattooing from a very early age. According to wiki-bio, he got his first tattoo, which included his parents’ names, when he was only 16 years old.

Chris Nunez career debut as a graffiti artist at age 18. Later on, he switched to tattooing, a career he wholeheartedly loves and enjoys doing. Initially, even after opening a tattoo shop, Chris Nunez would still do construction work part-time.

Chris continued to hone his artistic skills and master various styles. However, his pre-dominant genre, which has put him on top is the traditional Japanese Style of tattooing. With time, his shop became very famous and his talent the most sought-after.

Chris Nunez Net Worth
Chris Nunez Net Worth

Chris Nunez co-owns the Love Hate Tattoos which is located on Miami Beach together with Ami James. He partnered with Ridgeline Empire, a media corporation that operates the subsidiaries Ink Skins and Upset Gentlemen. He also partnered with its animation studio which produced two animated series, Hoodbrats, and Toothians.

Chris Nunez was also a cast member of the famous reality show, Miami Ink. Later on, he was selected as a judge on the Spike network’s reality tattooing competition, Ink Master.

Chris Nunez Net Worth.

Chris Nunez’s wiki-bio indicates that he has an approximated net worth of $7 million as of 2019. Reportedly, he began tattooing at age 18. Therefore, he has been working for close to 30 years now.

During this period, Chris Nunez has successfully set up his tattoo related businesses. Moreover, he has entered into several partnerships. As a result, the returns he gains from these sources have greatly impacted his wealth.

Besides that, Chris Nunez is a renowned television personality. He has been a cast as well as a judge in world-renowned artistic shows. He has gained much fame from these TV appearances and more importantly, he has multiplied his income through the same. Chris Nunez’ protracted career as a tattoo artist is the number one source of his income and huge net worth.

Presently, Chris Nunez assets have not been disclosed to the public. However, he definitely leads a lavish lifestyle with such a massive income.

Chris Nunez’s married life with ex-wife Carole-Anne Leonard.

Chris Nunez was a married man to his lovely wife, Carole-Anne Leonard. However, their relationship did not last forever because as we speak, they are no longer together. The couple divorced for reasons which are kept a great secret to the public. Surprisingly, though Chris Nunez is a very famous celebrity, he has never disclosed his married life. Also, he never shares information about his wife with his fans.

Reportedly, the couple had two children, a girl named Kali and a boy named Anthony. Some wiki sources reveal that Chris stays with the daughter while the wife stays with the son in California.

Chris Nunez is a lover of ladies. He was recently dating actress Margarita Anthony, though it appears as if they separated. Presumably, this character of infidelity is what led to his separation with Carole-Anne Leonard.

Carole-Anne Leonard Wiki-Bio, Parents, Education, Facts, Career.

Carole-Anne Leonard came to the limelight after she was married by the famous tattoo artist, Chris Nunez. Seemingly, she does not have any career credentials that would list her among celebrities.

There is hardly any information about her on the internet. Therefore, it is very difficult to establish her age, wiki-bio, parents, education, career, or any other facts.

Name Chris Nunez
Age 46 years
Birthdate 11th April 1973
Birthplace Miami, Florida
Nationality American
Parents Not disclosed
Siblings Not disclosed
Career Tattoo Artist, TV Personality, Entrepreneur
Net worth $7 million
Wife Carole-Anne Leonard (divorced)
Children 2 (Anthony and Kali)
Height 5 feet 9 inches
Weight 72 kgs

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