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Music is the only way to expresses your feelings which cannot be explained in words. Despite that, the music itself is healing. People listen to different kinds of genres such as metal, hip-hop, jazz, folk, and more in various languages. Read more about Spanish Singer Camilo Sesto’s net worth in Wikipedia-type bio.

Camilo Sesto, a Spanish singer, and composer of romantic pop and rock ballad had released several hits in his career.

Camilo died at the age of 72; his family confirmed the news on Sunday. His family took to Sesto’s Twitter account, stating, “We are very sorry to inform you that the great artist Camilo Sesto has passed away.”

Well, how much the late singer earned from his music career over the years? On the deck, we’ll get you to know about his hits songs and net worth? Let’s jump into it.

Camilo Sesto Net Worth.

The late Spanish singer makes millions from his album sales, tours, and live performance. Born on September 16, 1948, in Alcoy, Spain, Camilo Sesto is survived by his only son, Camilo Blanes. To date, he had sold more than 175 million albums globally.

Camilo Sesto net worth was$80 million, as of 2019. Sesto had written songs for several artists and released more than 20 studio albums and hit singles as well.

Image of Spanish singer, Camilo Sesto net worth is $80 million
Spanish singer, Camilo Sesto net worth is $80 million

Camilo was about to begin his tour in America this year and had scheduled to perform in many cities including Los Angeles, Miami, Sugar Land, New York City, Texas, and more. His fans and other celebrities paid tributes and condolences on his death via social media.

Further, back in 2008, Camilo retired from music and announced that he toured to different countries like Peru, the USA, Colombia, Chile, and Puerto Rico for two years. Other than that, Sesto spent a significant amount of money on plastic surgery to look young and attractive.

Who is Camilo Sesto? His Career Info, Highlights.

Spanish-born singer Camilo Sesto who’s real name was Camilo Blanes Cortes, one of the most famous artists from Spain died on September 7, 2019. Camilo was a  songwriter, composer as well as a music producer. Spanish television TVE said that he died from a heart attack at a Madrid hospital.

During the 1960s, he sang in two pop bands before releasing his first album ‘Aglo De Mi’ (Something of Me) in 1971.

The album reached number 1 in the Sapin chart and received his first award Disco de Oro (Gold Record)in 1972.  Most of his albums in Spanish languages, he also recorded them in other languages such as English,  Japanese, German, Portuguese and Catalan. Continue reading to know about Camilo Sesto’s wealth.

Image of Spanish singer, Camilo Sesto
Spanish singer, Camilo Sesto

Sesto released his first English album ‘Look in the Eye’ in the year 1991 and then another album ‘A Voluntad del Cielo’ that became popular in South America. Moreover, he wrote songs for many artists such as Miguel Bose, Lucia Mendez, Jose Jose, and Angela Carrasco.

House and Car Details in Camilo Sesto Net Worth.

There is no doubt that Camilo Sesto lived in a mansion that cost millions. It is believed that some portion of Camilo Sesto’s income is invested in real estate across the county. However, their details of his house are not listed online. Additionally, he had fond of car collections.

Quick Wikipedia Info.

Full Name Camilo Blanes Cortes
Stage Name Camilo Sesto
Birthdate September 16, 1946
Died September 7, 2019
Place Alcoy, Spain
Profession Spanish Singer, Songwriter
Net Worth $80 Million
Spouse Unknown
Children One

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