Brett Kavanaugh Net Worth.

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Brett Kavanaugh was born on February 12, 1965, in Washington DC, USA. He is the son of Everett Edward Kavanaugh Jr. and Martha Gamble (nee Murphy).    Brett is indeed a chip off old block because his father was an attorney, and he was the Cosmetic Toiletry and Fragrance Association’s president for two decades. However, his mother was a history teacher at McKinley and Woodson high schools in Washington, and her tenure ran from the 1960s through 1970s. Afterward, she shifted gears and earned a Juris Doctor from American University in 1978. Consequently, she went into another field and another career to become the Maryland Circuit Court judge from 1995 through 2001 in Montgomery County. Read this to know Brett Kavanaugh Net Worth.

Kavanaugh was brought up in Bethesda, Maryland. He went to Georgetown Preparatory School, which is a Jesuit boys’ college preparatory school. Coincidentally, he was at the same school two years ahead of Neil Gorsuch the future U.S Supreme Court Justice. In sports, he played basketball and football. After graduating, he went to Yale University like his paternal grandfather. Categorically, he was in the Yale Law School and he later graduated with a Juris Doctor in 1990.

Who is Brett Kavanaugh? Work highlight.

Law is what guides and governs society and the entire nation. Brett hails from a family of lawyers and he outshone his relatives to hold one of the highest positions in the US judiciary. However, Brett Kavanaugh wealth is not like what you would expect. He is a jurist and an American lawyer; not to mention that Kavanaugh is an Associate Justice of the US Supreme Court. Previously, he served as a US Circuit Judge of the US Court of Appeals for the District of Columbia Circuit. Furthermore, he was also a staff lawyer for diverse offices of the federal government. Those positions contributed a lot to Bretts’s net worth.

Brett Kavanaugh Net Worth

After graduating from Yale University, he joined Delta Kappa Epsilon fraternity. Afterward, after graduating from Yale Law School, he began his career working as a law clerk, and later as a postgraduate fella working under Judge Ken Starr. Even after Starr’s transfer to the Office of Independent Counsel, Brett followed him, and he even participated in the investigations of President Bill Clinton; not to mention the drafting of the Starr Report. Later, he joined George. W. Bush’s campaign team in Florida. When Bush won the presidential elections, he drafted him into his administration as the White House Staff Secretary and helped him in crucial judicial nominations. Afterward, Brett was nominated by the president to become a judge in the U.S Court of Appeals for D.C, but there arose wrangles that lasted for three years because Brett was accused of partisanship. He was exonerated and confirmed in May 2006.

Fortunately, Kavanaugh was nominated to the U.S Supreme Court on July 9, 2018, by President Donald John Trump to replace the retiring Associate Justice, Anthony Kennedy. He also served as an editor for Yale Law Journal.  

Brett Kavanaugh Net Worth 2019 is $1.2 Million.

Despite the many top positions that Brett has held in the course of his law career, his net worth is just $1.2 million. It is quite low, unlike what you would expect him to have. He has been so close to the presidency, and his job positions are quite distinguished.

Brett’s house is worth $1 million, and he drives high-end vehicles that are typical of the executive class.

Name: Brett Michael Kavanaugh

Net worth: $1.2 million

Profession: Supreme Court Judge

Spouse: Ashley Estes Kavanaugh

Age: 54 years.

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