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Braxton family values, airing on WE TV is an American docudrama that has been on the screens since April 12, 2011. The series documents the day to day lives of the Braxton sisters, Toni Braxton, Tamar Braxton, Traci Braxton, Towanda Braxton, and Trina Braxton. It has grown popular over the years, increasing its viewership number season by season.

Evelyn Braxton: $1 Million.

Born on 14th January 1948 in Columbia, South Carolina, USA, Evelyn Braxton, the mother of the six Braxton sisters are a renowned opera singer, TV personality and life coach.

Evelyn Braxton net worth is currently over $1 million, an amount she has accumulated over the tears from her multiple carriers.

Image of Evelyn Braxton Net Worth
Evelyn Braxton Net Worth

For her education, Evelyn Braxton first schooled at the Wesley Seminar before joining Sojourner College and Later on went to Bowie University college.

On her personal life, Evelyn Braxton is currently single after a recent separation from her husband, Rev Michael Braxton whom she was married to since 1966.

Traci Braxton: $875,000.

Traci Braxton’s net worth is currently approximated to be $875,000, an amount she has garnered from her career as an actress, R&B singer, and TV personality.

Traci started her career as a singer when she was a child, singing in church choirs due to her religious family background. Traci has featured on the TV series Braxton family values since 2011.

Image of Traci Braxton Net Worth
Traci Braxton Net Worth

In 1991, she and her sisters released their first single “Good Life”. In 2011, Traci joined WE TV reality series Braxton family values where she plays the role or a Backing vocal singer in some shows.

Her popularity rose up in 2013 after she signed to entertainment one under e one music and released her album. On her love life, Traci is married to Kevin Surrat for 20 years now and together; they share a son, Kevin Surrat Jr.

Trina Braxton: $1.5 Million.

Born on 3rd December 1974, Trina Braxton is a famous reality star, singer and presenter. Trina Braxton net worth is currently $1.5 million.

She began singing when she was a child together with her sisters, starting with the gospel and R&B songs.

Image of Trina Braxton Net Worth
Trina Braxton Net Worth

In 1996, Trina, Tamar and Towanda Braxton produced the album “So many ways” that became among the most popular R&B /hip hop albums. Trina released her first solo “Party or Go Home” on March 22, 2012.

Currently, Trina is a co-presenter of the talk show “Sister circle” since September 10, 2018, on TV one and Tegna networks.

Toni Braxton Net Worth: $14 Million.

Toni Michelle Braxton is a famous songwriter, record producer, actress, and talented pianist. All her albums have sold out millions of copies, making her the best selling musician. She is the producer of various shows such as “Dancing With the stars”, ” Braxton Family Values”, “Tamar and Vince” among others.

53-year-old Toni Braxton is the daughter if Evelyn Jackson and pastor Michael Conrad.

For her education, Toni Braxton enrolled for a teaching degree at Bowie State University. She, however, dropped out to concentrate on her music career.

Image of Toni Braxton Net Worth
Toni Braxton Net Worth

She is currently engaged to famous rapper Birdman after quitting her 11 years old marriage with Keri Lewis. She is a mom to 2 kids with Keri Lewis, Denim and Diesel. From her successful music career, Toni Braxton has received multiple awards the most popular ones being the Grammy Award and 7American music award among others.

Currently, Toni Braxton net worth is $14 million, garnered from music, film production and TV shows.

Towanda Chloe Braxton: $500,000.

Towanda Braxton is a singer, actress, and reality Television star famous for being a member of the former band “The Braxtons” and the reality series “Braxton Family values”. She was born on 18th September 1973. After producing a first single ” Good Life” by the entire Braxton sisters, Tamar, Towanda and Trina released an album in 1996 titled “So many ways” which did very well in the R&B and hip hop album charts. From there on, they have together produced many more albums.

Image of Towanda Chloe Braxton Net Worth
Towanda Chloe Braxton Net Worth

On her personal life, Towanda Braxton was married to Andre Carter, a popular author since 2003 though the duo recently separated. Towanda is currently in a romantic relationship with NFL star, Kordell Stewart. Towanda Chole Braxton net worth is $500,000.

Tamar Braxton Net Worth: $13 Million.

Tamar Braxton ( full name- Tamar Estine Braxton Herbert) was born on 17 the March 1977 in Severn Maryland. She started singing when she was just 12 years old when she formed ‘The Braxtons’ family band with her sisters. Tamar’s net worth is currently estimated to be over $13 million, a huge amount accumulated from music career and TV appearances. Her albums include ‘Love and War’, ‘Winter Loversand’, ‘Ridiculous’ among others.

Image of Tamar Braxton Net Worth
Tamar Braxton Net Worth

Looking at Tamar’s personal life, she was previously married to producer Delite Allamby from 2001 to 2003. She is currently married to producer Vincent Herbert since 2008. Together they have one adorable son.

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