Bob Whitfield Net Worth 2021.

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Bob Whitfield is a retired American football player, who played as an offensive tackle. He played for several teams in the National Football League/ They include the Atlanta Falcons, Jacksonville Jaguars, and the New York Giants.

He is presently a very successful entrepreneur and businessman who owns a plethora of highly established and successful businesses. Read ahead to find out what Bob Whitfield’s net worth is.

Bob Whitfield Net Worth $13 million.

Bob Whitfield owes most of his entire net worth and wealth to his career as a football player, as well as an analyst. Playing in the NFL usually allows one to earn millions in regards to revenue. The former football player also owns several businesses.

This includes Patchwerks studios. The label has signed several high-profile stars like Madonna, Beyoncé, Snoop Dogg and Whitney Houston. He has one of the most successful entrepreneurial initiatives ever. As a result, Bob Whitfield’s net worth stands at $ 13 million presently.


Bob Whitfield was married to a woman named Sheree Whitfield. She was one of the cast members of the popular show, ‘The Real Housewives of Atlanta.’ They got married in 2000, and then consequently got divorced in 2007.

This came as a result of several problems they were facing. They have two children together, Kaleigh and Kairo. As part of the divorce settlement, Bob Whitfield was required to pay Sheree child support to take care of their kids.

The court, however, did not ask him to pay alimony to his wife. Sheree was less educated and had no talent and did not pursue any trade or profession. She tried to appeal the no alimony case but eventually lost the case and even the house they owned to her ex-husband.

Early Life.

Bob Whitfield went to Banning High School, in Wilmington, California. This is where he played high school football, and his interest and passion in football took the front seat.

He played with the likes of Mark Tucker while he was still in high school. After he completed his studies in Wilmington, Bob went on to study economics at Stanford University. While at the school, he continued to pursue his passion for football.

Bob Whitfield Net Worth
Bob Whitfield Net Worth

He played college football under the guidance of coach Dennis Green, who was the head coach for the team at the time. He dropped out later, to focus on his passion and dream of being a footballer, but then later ended up going back and getting his bachelor’s degree.

Bob Whitfield played for his college up until he was eligible to be drafted in the NFL. His interest in football started at a very early age and slowly morphed into his passion.


Bob Whitfield signed for the Atlanta Falcons, in the year 1992. He stayed in the Falcons for over 11 years after which he shifted to the Jacksonville Jaguars in 2004. This moved earned him a hefty payment, much more than what he was getting previously.

Bob was then traded to the New York Giants in the year 2006 where he played brilliantly. He lost his cool twice with his teammates on a few occasions. This sparked controversy, and his stay in the team bred discontent.

Bob Whitfield would also butt heads with players from the Dallas Cowboys, and the New Orleans Saints. Bob retired in 2007, after which he took on the role of a football analyst. This would lead to him featuring on a plethora of television and reality shows where he offered his insights and advice.

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