Blue Ivy Net Worth 2021

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Blue Ivy Carter, is one of the daughters of the most sought after, popular, famous and widely known superstar couple in this world, Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

Her popularity shot up, mainly in 2017, when she made her first-ever Grammy appearance alongside her mother, the pop star, her father, the R&B singer, and as well as her grandmother, a fashion designer, and stylish. Discover Blue Ivy’s net worth right here.

Blue Ivy’s Net Worth $10 million.

Blue Ivy, is one of the wealthiest celebrity kids in the world and shares the net worth of her parents. She lives her life in luxury. Her sole net worth measures to be around a whopping US$ 10 million, which is massive for just a 9-year-old.


Blue Ivy Carter, has a family that consists of a lot many important people, and you and I can only think of it. She is living one of the richest and lavish lives anybody can ever imagine, and how is that?

Father and Mother.

Blue Ivy’s mother, Beyoncé, is one of the leading pop stars of the generation and also of the decade maybe, with 22 Grammy Awards and one of the most established singing careers of all time. Her father, Jay-Z, is the main man of the R&B and hip hop Jay-Z also owns music streaming app, called Tidal, along with several other artists as well.

Extended Family

Her aunt, Solange Knowles, also is a famous singer and is also known primarily for being Beyoncé’s sister who was once known for being a great group called Destiny’s Child.

Her grandmother is a very famous fashion designer and stylist, and is also known for founding and establishing the fashion brand, “House of Dereon.” Her grandfather is also a very reputed and well-known businessman in the industry.

Not only this, but Blue Ivy also shares her parents with her siblings, Sir Carter who is the brother, and Rumi Carter, who is the sister, both of whom are twins.

Early Life.

Her hometown is New York. Presently, she is the most celebrated Hollywood kid, and also one of the most fashionable there is. After her birth, Jay-Z, her father also dedicated her a song called, Glory, in her name for celebrating her birth to the beautiful couple.

After this, there was only going up for her. She featured multiple times in her parents’ music videos. She got featured in the song Blue (Get It) by Beyoncé and, also in Jay-Z’s Legacy. After this, she also went on to tour with her mom, Beyoncé, when she was just 19 months old, in 2013.

blue ivy carter net worth
blue ivy carter net worth

The name given to her was so unique that a lot of speculations and theories started arising. The most common one being, it’s the name of an event company. The funny part is, there is an event company of the same name.


Beyoncé and Jay-Z are one of the most powerful, and both their net worth add to be a massive cumulative sum of around US$1 billion.


Blue Ivy’s Instagram account has 146k followers. Her parents manage the account. 

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