Black Ink Crew Net worth, Real Names, And Salary Per Episodes.

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Black Ink Crew is an American reality TV series airing on  VH1. It started to air on January 7, 2013. It features the daily stories of an African American-owned and runs a tattoo shop in Harlem, New York.  The third season, Black Ink Crew: Chicago premiered in October 2015. The fifth season showed in 2017, with a renewed 7th season on September 19, 2018.

The series documents the drama-packed operations of this Harlem tattoo shop. The parlour has operating staff that attends to a high-end clientele. They get celebrities, athletes and who is who to visit the shop for tattoo jobs.

The Blank Ink Brand is owned by Ceaser, a creator who has made the tattoo parlour the big name for fresh ink. He has employed some out-going friends who make up the show’s “crew”, such as the sharp, tough manager Sky and Cleveland-born tattooist Donna.

Black Ink Crew Salary Per Episode, Net Worth.

Ceaser from Black Ink Crew Net Worth, Real Name.

Ceasar is the brains behind the Black Ink Show. He is an entrepreneur with incredible foresight. He is the owner and founder of the tattoo shop we see on Black Ink show, based in Harlem, New York, USA. It was the first tattoo shop to be owned by an African American in the streets of Harlem.

Image of Ceaser Net Worth

Ceasar’s real name is Ceasar David Emmanuel. He was born on June 5th,1979. He is 40 years old.

Ceasar has a net worth of $2.5 million. Much of Cesar David Emmanuel’s wealth comes from his earnings from the show and revenues generated from his tattoo parlour. It is not public on how much he earns per episode.

Ceasar is not married but has a daughter who he takes care of. He had relationships with Dutchess Latimore and Karlie Redd. It is not clear who he is dating at the moment.

O’Shit Duncan: $350,000.

O’Shit Duncan’s real name is Richard Duncan. He was born in 1985, in South Carolina. He currently lives in Atlanta. He is a main cast member of the Black Ink show.

He has worked with Ceasar as a tattoo artist.

O’Shit has a net worth of $350,000. He has acquired much of O’Shit Duncan’s wealth is from his salary from the show and earnings from his tattooing job.

Image of O'Shit Duncan Net Worth

He is a father of five kids that he takes care of. He got married to his wife Nikki in 2016. They have two children together. The other three children are from his baby mamas, Kathie, Coley, and Anya.

Alex from Black Ink Crew Net Worth.

Alex Robinson is synonymous with controversy. He has acquired a naughty nickname, ‘Alex the vagina slayer’, a name brandished by his colleagues at Black Ink. He has a history of sexual escapades in the show. He was taped having a lovey-dovey affair with a fellow cast member, Donna, in the parlor’s bathroom. This video leaked, causing him a huge controversy.

He was born on March 30th, 1992. He is only 27 years old and is the father of one. He is not married though.

Alex from ‘Black Ink Crew’ net worth is being reviewed, and so there is no data about it.

Alex has also appeared in Judge Mathis’ Show.

Puma Robinson: $150,000.

Puma Robinson’s real name is Paul Robinson. He is Ceasar’s (tattoo shop owner) oldest friend. He was a regular cast member of Black Ink show. They have been great friends way back from their younger days. He started in the first season, but took a break, only to return occasionally.

Puma Robinson was born on February 13th, 1982. He is currently 38 years. He is sometimes featured occasionally in the show with his wife Shaquana Robinson, who is a reality TV star. They have a daughter called Tamia.

Puma Robinson has a net worth of $150,000. He was the Public Relations Manager of Art2Ink tattoo studio, where he earned a salary before joining Ceasar at his tattoo parlour. He also earned from starring in the show. His salary at Black Ink is not known yet.

Sky from Black Ink Crew Net Worth, Real Name.

Sky is a famous Black Ink cast member of the Black Ink show. She is the Harlem tattoo shop receptionist. Sky’s real name is Jo Keita. She is such a loud character in the show and prefers being called Jakeita.

Sky was born on September 19th,1983, in Harlem. She is 36 years old

Image of Sky Net Worth
Sky Net Worth

Sky from Black Ink Crew has a net worth of $50,000. She has accumulated this net worth from her actress roles in the movie Sacred Famous. It’s not known how much she earns per episode, but she rakes in a good salary as a main cast member. Sky is touted as the fourth richest cast member.

Sky got her two sons at the young age of 14. This forced her to give them for adoption as she was really struggling to bring them up. She is now doing well financially and has been trying to reach out to them.

Teddy from Black Ink Crew Net Worth, Real Name.

Teddy is a cousin to Black Ink’s owner, Ceasar. After seeing how his cousin was doing well, he left his makeshift jobs and joined him. He was born on January 26th, 1983. He is currently 37 years old.

Image of Teddy Net Worth
Teddy Net Worth

Teddy’s real name is Teddy Ruks, but his birth name is Ted Sharrif Homer.

He started as a guest cast member but was promoted to a major role in the show by the end of season 3. He has been the assistant to Ceasar.

Teddy’s net worth is $350,000. He has accumulated the net worth from both his salary on the show and his job at the parlour. It is not public how much he earns per episode from the show.

Teddy is a charming guy who is a ladies’ man. He has had multiple relationships in the show. He is currently flaunting an Asian girl on his accounts.

Melody from Black Ink Crew: $90,000.

Melody’s real names are Melody Mitchell. She was born on July 16th, 1988, in Tampa Florida. Melody is now 31 years. Melody has worked her life through the art of tattooing earning her a place in the TV series, Blank Ink.

Image of Melody Net Worth
Melody Net Worth

Melody is known as ‘the dreamer’ in the show. She always has exceptional tattoo design ideas that she wants to implement. She has this dream of opening up her tattoo shop.

Melody has a net worth of $90,000. Much of this net worth is from the Blank Ink show’s salary and her earning from her work. It is not yet public on how much Melody earns per episode.

She is currently dating her lover Lalo Yunda who is also a tattoo artist. They both have a son called Kai who was born in 2013.

Walt Miler from Black Ink Crew Net Worth, Real Name.

Walt Miller was born in Harlem, New York on November 23rd 1981. He is now 38 years old and a father of 3. He grew up in a tough life, hustling.

Walter Miller is the real name of Walt from the Black Ink Crew. Initially, he wasn’t performing his job well, getting himself fired by Ceasar. The job was given to his fellow cast member Teddy. Walt improved his skills and was brought back to the show as a regular cast member in season 6.

Image of Walt Miler Net Worth
Walt Miler Net Worth

Walter Miller has a net worth of $50,000. He has acquired much of this Net worth from his salary in the show as a professional photographer. Walt earns $7,000 per episode.

Working diligently as a professional photographer, Walt managed to garner a net worth of $50,000 as of 2018.

Young Bae from Black Ink Crew Net Worth.

Young Bae breaks the African- American monotony in the Black Ink show. She is an Asian tattoo artist, with a South Korean descent. She has a great tattooing career in the USA ever since 2009.

Young Bae was born on October 9th, 1984. She is currently 35 years. She graduated from South Korea’s Chugye University for the Arts, just before she started studying tattooing in 2009. She owns her tattoo enterprise called Diamond Tattoos. She has been a main cast member of Blank Ink, show earning her a big name and net worth.

Image of Young Bae Net Worth
Young Bae Net Worth

Young Bae’s net worth is $200,000. She has accumulated this net worth from her salary at Black Ink and earnings from her business. She is paid $1,500 per episode.

Young Bae is in a relationship with her boyfriend and fiancé Bobby. They now have a boy child together.

Dutchess from Black Ink Crew Net Worth.

Duchess Lattimore is a well-known tattoo artist, and the first woman to be part of the Blank Ink, show. Duchess’ real names are Crystana Lavielle Lattimore.

She was born in Lincolnton, North Carolina, the USA in 1984. She studied business management, focusing in Visual Arts and later followed a career as a tattoo artist before moving to New York City in 2010.

In New York, she sharpened her artistic skills in the tattoo industry, landing her a job at the Black Ink show.

Duchess is currently 35 years and has great designs that have made her a great name.

Image of Dutchess Net Worth
Dutchess Net Worth

Dutchess Lattimore has a net worth of $800,000. She has accumulated this kind of net worth from her work as a tattoo artist and starring in the TV reality show, Black Ink Crew. Her salary on the show is not public as much as she is a key member of the cast.

Sassy Bermudez from Black Ink Crew Net Worth, Real Name.

Sassy Bermudez is a famous tattoo artist featured in the Blank Ink, show. Sassy’s real names are Ashley Nicole Bermudez. Sassy was born on October 18th, 1990. She is currently 29 years. Sassy Bermudez had a romantic relationship with Didi, but that ended.

She had been a main character in the show during the first 3 seasons and worked as a guest cast member in the 4th season. She is one cast member who got along well Ceasar as the boss.

Image of Sassy Bermudez Net Worth
Sassy Bermudez Net Worth

Sassy quit the show and is currently a manager at Art2Ink. She also appears in several magazines as a model.

She is part of the LGBT community. She came to the show through one of her lovers, Tanyelle. They later broke up.

Sassy Bermudez net worth is not well known. She hasn’t provided any information on the salary she earned on the Blank Ink show.

Donna from Black Ink Crew Net Worth.

Donna is a famous crew member of Black Ink show. She began the show as a visiting cast member but later turned out to be a main cast member in season 3. She has great talent that is portrayed in the show.

Donna’s real name is Taylor Monet Pinkney. She was born in Cleveland, on September 20th, 1992. Donna has a twin sister, Britney who is a nurse and mother of two.

Image of Donna Net Worth
Donna Net Worth

She is a well-known tattoo artist and body piercer.

Donna’s net worth is $25,000. She earns much of this money from the Black Ink show and her salary from her tattooing and body piercing. Her salary from the show is not public yet.

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