Andy Casagrande Biography, Death Rumors, Net Worth, Wife, Children

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Andy Casagrande is an American television personality known for his work on both Discovery and the National Geographic channel. Andy is an American cinematographer, naturalist, and documentary filmmaker. Read this to know about Andy Cassagrande’s wife Emma.

In addition, fans are enthralled by his knack for capturing underwater footage seen on shows such as Shark Week and Planet Ocean. In this article, we have collected all the information about Andy Casagrande’s net worth.

Who is Andy Casagrande?

Andy Brandy Casagrande is a filmmaker best known for his ability to capture underwater footage on shows such as Shark Week in 1995 and Planet Ocean in 2012.

His ABC4 Films firm is renowned for its nature photography. Casagrande is high up on the list of well-known celebrities.

Image of Andy Casagrande from the TV program, Shark Week
Andy Casagrande from the TV program, Shark Week

He also celebrates his birthday born on 21 October, which makes him 42 at the moment. Besides this, critics and fans have put him on the list of the most famous filmmakers.

Andy Casagrande Wikipedia Bio.

Andy Brandy Casagrande is a well-known filmmaker. He was born in New York City, New York, USA, on October 21, 1977.

Moreover, according to his date of birth, his zodiac sign is Libra. Additionally, he is 42 years old as of 2019. He attended the Institute of Technology in Florida where he graduated with honors in marine biology.

After entering college, however, he followed an acknowledgment that this way would not inspire his enthusiasm. After that, he chose to transfer to the University of Pittsburgh.

At his university, Andy studied biology. Andy further improved his degree with two more in California State University’s psychology and biopsychology.

Dan Casagrande, his father, is incredibly proud of his son; who has been following his passion and is now living his dream. Andy Casagrande holds an American nationality.

Andy Casagrande Death Rumors.

The man is a veteran field producer, filmmaker, and wildlife enthusiast. Andy Casagrande, as such, boasts some experience as a documentary filmmaker and naturalist.

Furthermore, it took him around the globe as he captured the behavior of some of the planet’s most fascinating animals and fiercest predators.

Andy risks his life to get the shot, which includes facing king cobras face to face, hanging from helicopters, and swimming among sharks is the reason behind his fake death rumor.

Image of Filmmaker, Andy Casagrande is still alive and healthy
Filmmaker, Andy Casagrande is still alive and healthy

Andy Casagrande was instrumental in telling convincing tales of the zebra and the great white shark migrations for the Great Migrations series of National Geographic Channel.

Andy Casagrande Net worth.

From his job as a cinematographer, Andy Casagrande accumulated most of his fortune. Also, Andy owns a manufacturing house ABC4 Films together with his wife, Emma.

Image of Cinematographer, Andy Casagrande net worth is $4 million
Cinematographer, Andy Casagrande net worth is $4 million

Andy Casagrande and Emma Casagrande are ambassadors for Shark Angels, a shark conservation organization. Some of Andy’s shows include Killer Shots, Sharkwater Extinction, Shark Week, Planet Ocean.

Furthermore, as of 2019, Andy Casagrande has a massive net worth of $4 million.

Andy Casagrande Married Life And Wife.

Andy understands how and when he can make a significant difference in his married life with his beautifully selected words.

Also, he never passes off the opportunity to show off his beautiful wife, Emma Casagrande, with his love-filled captions. Emma is a skilled photographer and a professional diver, the Swedish national.

Moreover, Andy Casagrande and Emma are lucky to share an equal enthusiasm and job line. Also, they were even applauded over the work for their fantastic bonding.

Image of Andy Casagrande with his wife Emma Casagrande and with their kids Ace Casagrande (son) and Nova Fina (daughter)
Andy Casagrande with his wife Emma Casagrande and with their kids Ace Casagrande (son) and Nova Fina (daughter)

Andy Casagrande won the 2011 Outstanding Cinematography- Nature Award as well as the 2013 Outstanding Cinematography-Documentary Award.

Furthermore, the one thing that Andy enjoys more than the white sharks is his tiny family that includes his beloved spouse and two children.

Additionally, Andy Casagrande and wife Emma Casagrande has a son named Ace Casagrande who was born on September 12, 2013; also, a girl, Nova Fina born on born August 16, 2015.

Andy Casagrande: Quick Info.

Fullname: Andy Brandy Casagrande
Age: 42 years as of 2019
Birth Date: October 21, 1977
Birth sign: Libra
Birth Place: New York City

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