Anastasia Kvitko’s Wiki Biography, Body Measurements.

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Anastasia Kvitko is a famous Russian glamour model and entrepreneur who is known as Russian Kim Kardashian West. She is widely known for her pear-shaped body build that measures 38-24-42 inches. Continue reading to know Anastasia Kvitko’s Body Measurement and Wiki type bio.

Anastasia Kvitko’s Wiki, Biography

Anastasia Kvitko was born on 25th November 1994, and is 25 years old, as of 2019. She was born in Kaliningrad, Oblast Region, western Russia, and currently resides in the United States of America.

Regarding her family, her father is a businessman, whereas her mother is a teacher. She also has a sibling-sister whose identity is not disclosed.

While growing up, for her gorgeous look, Anastasia’s friends suggested her try her luck in modeling. She began uploading pictures on popular Russian online platforms and started minor modeling gigs before trying her luck in the model.

Anastasia Kvitko’s Net Worth.

Anastasia was only seventeen years old when she moved to the United States to pursue a modeling career. She first moved to Miami and later moved to Los Angeles. During the early days, many modeling agencies turned her down. She, however, did not lose hope; instead of losing her curves, she flaunted it into her trademark.

Anastasia Kvitko spent hours in the gym to build her body into a sport and athletic shape, toning her strong calves and toned hips. She joined Instagram back in August 2014, where she began posting pictures of herself in swimsuits and lingerie. She flaunted her body, which soon grabbed huge attention.

Image of Russian glamour model, Anastasia Kvitk
Russian glamour model, Anastasia Kvitk

As of now, she has been a professional model modeling for numerous brands. She even served as the face of a swimwear brand named Eliya Cioccolato.

Well, as of now, she has gone beyond modeling and is now an entrepreneur who has launched her swimsuit line, AC-350. She collaborated with Eliya Cioccolato and debuted it at the New York Fashion Week.

Anastasia Kvitko has also featured in numerous music videos and even appeared in a Latin American Soap. She has made television appearance appearing in Un Nuevo Dia.

Being a model and entrepreneur, Anastasia has earned a high figure of money. As of 2019, her net worth is reported to be around $2 million. Her endorsements are helping to boost up her worth.

Anastasia Kvitko’s Body Measurements.

Kim Kardashian’s look-alike Kvitko stands at a height of 5 feet 9 inches tall and weighs around 56 kg. She has a pear-shaped body build that measures 38-24-42 inches. Blonde hair and black eye are her distinctive characters.

Image of Model, Anastasia Kvitko height is 5 feet 9 inches
Model, Anastasia Kvitko height is 5 feet 9 inches

Her bra size is 34D, whereas she wears a dress size of 12. Strict diet and work-out are what make her body fit. She spends maximum time in the gym and follows a healthy diet to maintain shape. She is vegetarian and does not eat meat, chicken, and fast-food. Anastasia relies on organic foods.

Anastasia Kvitko’s Plastic Surgeries.

As Anastasia has a wonderful figure, many people believe that her curves and figures are not natural. Many accused her of going under the knife to enhance the looks. But, Anastasia never admitted to having cosmetic surgery.

The glamour model Anastasia Kvitko later mentioned of using cream from her line to make her butt look fuller. Anastasia revealed that she relies on plaster from her innovative product line, which helped her to burn fat while wearing it up to eight hours per day. But many refused to believe it.

One of the Russian plastic surgeries site known as Tecrussia mentioned that her body could not be the outcome of any kind of physical exercise. They said that exercises can only change the shape and improve the muscles but cannot change the size dramatically.

Who is Anastasia Kvitko Dating?

The 25 years old glamour model Anastasia Kvitko has always been quite secretive when it comes to her personal life. She rarely speaks about her private life, as she mainly posts pictures flaunting her figure and curves.

However, in the past, she was in a relationship with a mysterious boyfriend back in Russia. The pair even moved to Moscow together, where she solely began her career to a glamour model. Sadly, the romance did not last long.

Anastasia Kvitko was once linked with Timati, who is a Russian rapper. The pair never confirmed their romance.

As of now, many sources reported that she is dating boyfriend Arseny Sharov. If so, they were secretly dating and did not mention any plans of tying the knot.

Anastasia is famous as Kim Kardashian West’s look-alike. She is also famous as Russian Kim Kardashian. During an interview, Anastasia Kvitko said that she likes Kim but does not quite like being compared to her as she feels she is far behind her.

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