American Chopper Cast Net Worth, Salary 2021.

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American Chopper is a television documentary narrated by Mike Rowe and Jim Pratt. The reality show documents Paul Teutal and his son Paul Jr as they struggle to remain at peace with each other while carrying out their highly competitive businesses in the designing of custom motorcycles.

Both shops are located at an eye distance from each other in Orange County, but the father and son both struggle to outdo each other, making it look like they are great rivals.

Previously, Paul Teutul Sr and his son were business partners until a family dispute led to their mysterious separation. American Chopper television series hit the screen on the Discovery Channel.

Know about American Choppers Net Worth.

American Choppers Paul Teutul Sr Net Worth.

Paul Teutal has a net worth approximated to be currently at $500 thousand. A net worth he’s accumulated periodically from his venture, Orange County Choppers.

The great passion for building the customized designed motorbikes was inspired by the awesome sight of many custom bikes on the streets of New York and in films. This passion led him to kick off his carrier by initiating orange county Ironworks. Born in 1949, the television star is currently 72 years old.

Image of Paul Teutul Sr Net Worth

It is unfortunate that Paul Teutul Sr has tried marriage twice but divorced both times due to unknown reasons. However, he has managed to father to four children, Paul Jr, Michael Teutal, Daniel and Christine Teutal.

Paul Teutul Sr currently cohabits with his longtime girlfriend, Joan Bulgar Cay.

Paul Teutul Jr. from ‘American Choppers’ Net Worth.

American Choppers Cast Paul Teutul Jr has a net worth of $2 million, periodically accumulated from his work as a motorcycle designer and appearance on a variety of Television series including the current one, “American Chopper”.

At a very young age, Paul Teutul Jr started working as the chief designer in collaboration with his dad, Paul Teutul Sr at the Orange county choppers.

He later made up his mind to individually become the founder of Paul Jr designs after he mysteriously split with his father in 2008. However, the Orange county motors were very significant because that’s where he gained fame when the Orange county choppers hit the screens on the “American Chopper.”

Image of Paul Teutul jr Net Worth

The exact salary that Paul Teutul Jr brings in is not yet revealed. He was born on October 2, 1974, by his Father’s first wife, Paula Teutul. He is their eldest child and celebrated the 46th birthday this year.

Paul Teutul tied the knot with Rachael Biester in 2010. Details on whether they’ve had a kid yet are not known.

Michael Teutal from ‘American Choppers’ Net Worth.

Michael Teutul’s birth date is 26’th November 1978.

Michaels birthplace is Suffern, New York. He is currently at 43 years of age.

Image of Michael Teutul Net Worth

At a young age of 14, Michael started working at Orange county choppers with his father and brothers years. He first appeared on the screens at Orange county choppers as an executive in the venture.

He has managed to have a net worth of $2 million so far; an amount has accumulated from his art gallery due to his excellence in painting and his current work in Paul Jr designs.

He is currently a single man, with no previous marriage record.

Vincent Di Martino Net Worth.

Vincent Di Martino is currently estimated to bear a net worth of $1 million; an amount Martino has gained over the years from his work with motorbikes.

The passion that he portrays in motorbikes on the screens was inspired by frequent visits to his Father’s workplace in an auto repair shop from an early age of 9 years.

Image of Vincent Di Martino Net Worth

In 2002, he kicked off his carrier at Orange county choppers where he’s working up to date. Orange county choppers have been significant to his rising fame and wealth.

Vincent Di Martino is currently married to Melisa Di Martino with whom he has four kids with; Vanessa Ava, Isabella, and Vincent Di Martino Jr. Born on October 9, 1972, in Hudson Valley area, New York, Michael is now 49 years old.

Cody Connelly Net Worth.

Cody Connelly’s net worth is $200 thousand. His exact salary is not known yet.

His birthdate is 30th August 1987, thus currently 34 years old.

Image of Cody Connelly Net Worth

Cody Connelly from ‘American Choppers’ is a graduate of Valley Central high school, class of 2005. After he completed high school, Cody Connelly joined the American Motorcycle Institute to enhance his knowledge in motorcycle building.

Cody Connelly is not married yet, and there is no record that he has ever been in a romantic relationship. It is unbelievable that he’s never engaged, given that he’s the most handsome member of the reality show.

The exact salary that he brings in is not available.

Rick Petko Net Worth.

American Choppers’ Rick Petko has a net worth of $1.75 million in 2021.

Rick was born in Pennsylvania on 11th September 1968. He is 53 years old.

Image of Rick Petko Net Worth

He attended Northampton Area Senior high school and later enrolled for welding at NCACC.

American Chopper star Rick Petko is a married man. He tied knots with Brittany Cockerham in 2012. Together, they share one daughter, Everly Rose. He and his family live together in Stroudsburg.

He has been on the American chopper series from 2006 to 2012, after which he left Orange county choppers to live in Stroudsburg with his family.

Rick currently owns RPD&CO.

Jason Pohl Net Worth.

Jason Pohl was born on 1st July 1981 in Mendota, Illinois. He is 40 years old.


Jason Pohl is a professional chopper designer, currently working at Orange county choppers.

American Chopper Jason Pohl from ‘American Chopper‘ is a married man. Jason Pohl tied the not with the love of his life, Krystle Goodman in October 2010. They are now celebrating their eight years in marriage. Together, they have had three sons; Maxton, Kipton, and Cashton.

Little details are known about the siblings and parents of Jason Pohl probably because he prefers to keep them under the limelight.

His current estimated net worth is $500 thousand. The exact salary that Jason brings in remains unrevealed to the public, but it’s evident from the lavish lifestyle that he’s bringing in a handsome amount.

Mike Rowe Net Worth

Mike Rowe is a renowned narrator who has in addition to narrating the American chopper narrated a variety of television series such as American hot rod, deadliest catch, wild Pacific, Ghost lab, among many others.

He is an Emmy award-winning narrator.

Years of working in Television shows have been fruitful as Mike Rowe has managed an estimated net worth of $35 million, an amount he has accumulated over the years from TV appearances as a narrator, host and also voice-over work. He brings in an annual salary of $10 million.

In Baltimore, Maryland, he was born on March 18, 1962, thus currently at 59 years of age.


Mike Rowe is a graduate of Towson University with a degree in communication studies.

Mike Rowe has not found the love of his life yet though he once dated a Hollywood star Daniele Burgo, they broke up for unrevealed reasons.

Robert Collard Net Worth.

Robert collard has a net worth of $700,000.

Born in 1968 in British Frimley England, he celebrates a birthday on 1st October and is currently 53 years old.

He is a renowned auto racing driver well renowned for his prowess in the British Touring car championship and winning in a variety of races.

In 2003, he won the independent cup title, thereby going back to driving for the motor base performance team in 2008 where he stayed for one year. After many years of change and wins, he is currently settled in the Team BMW and doing perfectly there.

No record of the marriage has been heard from him, so we conclude that Rob is a single man, still searching for his love.

Jay Leno Net Worth.

Jay Leno has managed to get himself a massive net worth of $350 million. He is one of the richest television stars known.

Jay brings in a salary of $30 million per annum.

He is known to have a lot of wealth, the most astonishing one being that he is in ownership of 181 cars.

Jay Leno was born in 1950, April 28. He is currently 71 years old.

Image of Jay Leno Net Worth

For his Bachelor’s degree, Jay Leno¬†attended Emerson College where he attained a degree in speech therapy.

Lucky for him, Jay was able to sweep the woman of his dreams off his feet and is now married to the love of his life, Mavis Leno. Together they share four kids. No rumor of divorce has been heard yet, so we assume that he is living a happy life with his wife.

Jay Leno is more popular for being the host of the tonight show, where he frequently hosts the cast members of “American Chopper.”

Bill Murray Net Worth.

Famous actor Bill Murray was born on Sept. 21, 1950, in Evanston, Illinois.


Unfortunately, Bill seems to be struggling so much with his love life. He has married twice and unfortunately divorced both times due to his alleged addiction to hard drugs and sex, but the good part is, he has managed to father six children, all of which he got in the two marriages. Hopefully, Bill will get over the addiction as there are ongoing plans to go to rehabilitation.

Over the years as a television comedian, Producer, and actor, he has managed to get himself massive wealth, with an estimated net worth of $140 million at the current moment. Little is known about the exact salary that Bill brings in. Probably he prefers to take his income as a personal affair.

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