Alex Trebek Net worth 2019.

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If you are a fan of a popular TV show Jeopardy, then the name Alex Trebek is one that you are very familiar with. Alex Trebek is a Canadian-American talk show host. He is renowned for appearing on the hit television show, Jeopardy. The television personality has been married twice, first to Elaine Callei and then to Jean Currivan. The pair would go on to have two children together; Emily and Matthew. Read this to know Alex Trebek Net Worth in 2019.

Who is Alex Trebek? His Career Info.

Alex started as a journalist, before gradually transitioning into a television host. He landed a job at the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation when he was fresh out of college. His stint hosting television began with Reach for the Top, a game show which saw different teams from different high schools compete with each other academically. Some other shows he would host include: The Wizard of Odds, High Rollers, The Pitfall, Wheel of Fortune.

Alex Trebek Net Worth

His most notable stint would come once he started hosting Jeopardy. The host would go on to become a living legend, with a career spanning well over thirty years on television. The television host’s impressive career has seen him receive five Daytime Emmy Awards. Alex does not show any signs of slowing down, even after the health scare he suffered. In any case, he is contracted on the screen until 2020.

Alex Trebek Net worth in 2019 is $50 Million.

Television personalities make buck loads of cash. This is not news to anyone, as the lavish lifestyles they live tend to be dead giveaways.  As such, Alex Trebek’s net worth reportedly stands at $50 million. The man has made his reputation and money from television, particularly the show Jeopardy.

He has been on the show for nearly three decades now and is contracted right up until 2020. The man’s experience sees him command a significant amount of money in regards to salary. Even before he got on Jeopardy, the man was already on television, hosting a couple of other shows. This undoubtedly laid the foundation for what his net worth would become.

Alex Trebek Age, Wiki-bio.

Full name George Alexander Trebek
Age 78 years old.
Date of Birth July 22nd, 1940
Place of Birth Greater Sudbury, Canada.
Profession Former Journalist, Television Personality, Talk show host
Net worth $ 50 million
Wife Jean Currivan
Kids 2
Nationality Canadian-American
Ethnicity Caucasian.
Zodiac Sign Cancer.
Parents Lucille Trebek and George Trebek

 George Alexander Trebek was born in1940 in Sudbury, Canada on the 22nd of July. This makes the talk show host 78 years old at the moment. His mother, Lucille Trebek, is a French-Canadian woman while his father, George, is a Ukrainian immigrant chef who used to work at a local hotel. Growing up, it was evident that the man was going to do great things.

This is because even as a child, he displayed a lot of potentials. His educational background includes: attending the Sudbury Secondary School, moving on to the University of Ottawa, then Malvern Collegiate Institute, before finally attending the University of Toronto Mississauga. The host went on to have a remarkable career on television.

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